15 Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts.

You might work for a company like a real estate investment trust (REIT) if real estate is your chosen field of employment. To maximize their earnings, these businesses employ people ranging from brokers and financial analysts to property managers. You might discover a position that fits with your interests and financial objectives by researching REIT careers.

Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts
Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts

In this post, we examine the average salary and major responsibilities of 15 of the Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts.

What Are Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)?

Companies termed real estate investment trusts (REITs) own property portfolios financed by institutional and private investors. A REIT may keep properties like office buildings and shopping centers for an extended period of time and make money by collecting rent or lease payments. These businesses provide an alternative to buying whole properties since investors may buy shares without spending a lot of money or taking on the burdens of ownership. In addition to providing a variety of job options involving the acquisition and operation of real estate, REIT may focus on the residential, commercial, or industrial sectors.

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15 Best Paying Jobs In REITS:

Here are 15 of the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts.


National average salary: $67,545 per year

Primary duties: An analyst does pattern and trend analysis to produce actionable insights for a company like a REIT. To increase the company’s overall productivity and financial expansion, they make use of data that is readily available to the public and develop effective plans. To speed up the data collecting process, an analyst may use sophisticated data mining technologies, which will improve their capacity to carry out pertinent analysis and study.

Asset Manager:

National average salary: $84,398 per year

Primary duties: Real estate assets, as well as other commodities like bonds, capital, and equities, are invested in, managed, and traded by an asset manager. On behalf of their customer, they carry out these tasks and offer advice about the acquisition and disposal of assets. To assist boost revenue increases and asset worth, they could also make use of their programs and bargaining abilities. An asset manager frequently oversees a full portfolio of assets, employing various strategies to maximize value and reduce risk.


National average salary: $96,057 per year

Primary duties: An attorney facilitates the legal aspects of a real estate transaction. They carry out a wide range of duties, including drafting legal papers pertaining to real estate, assisting with title transfers, and negotiating real estate terms and conditions. In order to effectively read rules and monitor any legal hazards, attorneys need to be knowledgeable about both law and real estate.


National average salary: $72,622 per year

Primary duties: A real estate agent who successfully completed the broker licensure test is known as a broker or real estate broker. They support customers through the real estate purchase process and offer advice on pricing, financing, future market conditions, and current and past market patterns. They have the independence to operate on their own while managing other real estate brokers.

Construction Superintendent:

National average salary: $89,892 per year

Primary duties: A construction superintendent is responsible for managing the project schedule and supervising the workers at a construction site to ensure that work is progressing according to plan. In order to keep the project on schedule, they manage acting parties. To reduce injuries, they also make sure that workers follow safety procedures.

Development Director:

National average salary: $83,956 per year

Primary duties: To create effective campaign strategies for the following fiscal year, a development director supervises the company’s fundraising initiatives. Additionally, they oversee gift-giving initiatives and delegate daily tasks to the development coordinators. Development directors must possess advanced communication abilities to network and bargain with potential suppliers and sponsors. They oversee a fundraiser’s budget to make sure it stays within its spending restrictions.

Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts
Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts

Financial Analyst:

National average salary: $72,077 per year

Primary duties: A financial analyst researches and evaluates investment assets with a performance component, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities. They offer direction and suggestions on how to make wise financial decisions. They could also provide their employer advice on what financial investments will best assist the business achieve its long-term objectives. Financial analysts compose and produce important reports, conduct rigorous analyses of financial data, and provide precise estimates.

Investor Relations Manager:

National average salary: $83,189 per year

Primary duties: An investor relations manager communicates with an organization’s executive members and investors. In addition to acting as the team’s liaison, they coordinate meetings, respond to questions, provide input to the management group, and execute crisis management procedures.

Inbound Sales Representative:

National average salary: $62,542 per year

Primary duties: A real estate inbound sales professional can create new leads by using their marketing and persuasive abilities. They could take calls from prospective purchasers or get in touch with real estate investors who might be looking to diversify their holdings. Other responsibilities include handling client complaints, making follow-up calls, and organizing client appointments. Interpersonal and communication skills are essential for this position if you want to provide happy customers.

New Home Sales Consultant:

National average salary: $76,953 per year

Primary duties: Clients are taken on tours of recently constructed areas and shown model houses by a new home sales professional. They explain to a client the advantages of buying a new home in that planned neighborhood using their sales abilities. These people phone prospective purchasers to further discuss a property and frequently follow up on sales leads to bring in new clients.

Property Accountant:

National average salary: $71,075 per year

Primary duties: An accountant who specializes in real estate finances examines financial information. They utilize their expertise and judgment to calculate the revenue and costs associated with a property. Property accountants maintain accurate and current financial records for each unit since they frequently monitor many units at once.

Property Developer:

National average salary: $92,628 per year

Primary duties: For both individual and business clients, a real estate developer plans and coordinates remodeling and building projects. Real estate developers work as a point of contact and negotiate on behalf of several stakeholders, including real estate brokers, landlords, investors, architects, general contractors, and attorneys. A real estate developer chooses a suitable area, asks the local government for permission to build there, coordinate repairs, and lease the properties.

Property Manager:

National average salary: $56,223 per year

Primary duties: A property manager supervises a designated real estate’s everyday activities. They may manage maintenance requests, collect rent, and manage the budget for the property. Following landlord-tenant laws and leasing unoccupied properties are additional responsibilities of property management.

Quality Assurance Engineer:

National average salary: $82,387 per year

Primary duties: A quality assurance (QA) engineer evaluates the project’s specs and offers insightful commentary on how closely the finished product adheres to the intended objective. To assure good quality, they create thorough and rigorous test processes. The QA engineer may perform corrective actions to address issues in accordance with timeframes after discovering problems or errors. They keep track of testing outcomes and mistakes throughout their procedures to aid in preventative efforts.


National average salary: $93,403 per year

Primary duties: A member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a realtor is a real estate agent or broker. While upholding the NAR’s Code of Ethics, they act as the go-between for buyers and sellers. They assist a seller in marketing their home so they may sell it for the highest price. They also offer advice on the situation of the neighborhood real estate market at the moment. Realtors build networks and comprehend the particular requirements of buyers and sellers by utilizing their interpersonal abilities.

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