15 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non Durables.

If you appreciate taking on different duties and are creative, you might want to look into careers in the consumer non-durables industry. Taking a position in the consumer non-durables industry can provide you the chance to work in a field that is in great demand, communicate with the public more directly, and experience personal fulfillment. Finding out more about the many advantages of working in the consumer non-durables industry and the types of jobs that are available will assist you in determining whether this career path matches with your interests and objectives.

Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non Durables
Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non Durables

In this article, we answer the question, “Is consumer non-durables a good career path?” and explore some jobs you might consider pursuing within this field.

Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path?

You may choose if a job in consumer non-durables is right for you by finding out the answer to the question, “Is it a good career path?” Generally speaking, consumer non-durable items are those that last three years or less. Food, cosmetics, household items, pharmaceuticals, and clothing all fall under this category of goods. Consumer non-durable goods are often only usable once or for a brief period of time.

A career in consumer non-durable products can provide you with a variety of advantages and work opportunities. You can, for instance:

Begin Your Career Without A Degree:

You might be able to begin your career without first obtaining a degree or other certifications, depending on the position you choose to pursue. Then, using techniques like on-the-job training or certification programs, you might be able to develop your profession.

Choose From A Variety Of Job Possibilities:

Consumer non-durable items cover a broad range of professions, businesses, and workplaces. For instance, you may decide to create your own business, work for a tiny startup, or a major industrial facility.

Conduct Practical Tasks:

Numerous jobs in the consumer non-durable products industry provide the opportunity to carry out a variety of useful tasks. For instance, you may help with these products’ development, production, or marketing.

Create Tangible Products:

Consumer non-durable goods workers get to participate in the production of physical commodities. Having access to the items you helped build can also increase work satisfaction.

Take Part In A High-Demand Field:

Because these products are frequently both requirements and have a short shelf life, they have a strong market demand. This may imply that it is simpler to find and keep these kinds of jobs.

Work Directly With Or For Customers:

The majority of consumer non-durable products employment provide employees the option of working directly with or for clients. Seeing how their work may benefit others gives some people a huge sense of personal pleasure.


15 Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables:

Here are 15 jobs in the consumer non-durables industry that you may want to pursue:


National average salary: $45,160 per year

Primary duties: A butcher processes meat by cutting, skinning, grinding, and preparing it. Additionally, many butchers participate in the client sale of these items. Butchers prepare their meat products in accordance with store and client preferences as well as any applicable provincial, territorial, and federal regulations on food preparation. Grocery stores, meat processing plants, and specialized meat stores are just a few of the venues where butchers can work.

Communications Specialist:

National average salary: $60,248 per year

Primary duties: A communications expert helps their employer’s business manage its internal and external communication networks. Communication professionals, who also ensure that all staff follow them and are kept up to date on significant events, often create internal communication plans. Additionally, they handle media relations and client outreach, which may entail writing press releases or creating brochures.

Human Resources Manager:

National average salary: $84,000 per year

Primary duties: Consumer food services, cosmetics, personal care, and paper manufacture are the three divisions of the consumer non-durables industry. Additionally, they will have access to paid time off and medical benefits.

Hair Stylist:

National average salary: $50,786 per year

Primary duties: A hair stylist gives their clients’ hair cuts, trims, colors, washes, and other styling procedures. Hair stylists provide these services in accordance with the desires of their clients, but they may also advise their clients on the looks that are most flattering to their faces, hair types, and other characteristics. Hair stylists may also be in charge of administrative duties including processing various payment options and organizing customer appointments. The majority of hair stylists find employment in salons, but they can also work in spas, hotels, resorts, or even on cruise liners.

Information Security Analyst:

National average salary: $70,000 – $160,000 per year

Primary duties: Information security specialists who are familiar with online dangers and have ideas for safeguards against unauthorized access are in great demand.

Marketing Associate:

National average salary: $50,555 per year

Primary duties: A marketing associate informs potential or existing consumers about the goods manufactured by the business where they work. Marketing associates carry out customer-related research and create strategic plans based on the demands, communication preferences, and purchasing behaviors of their target market. A marketing associate may utilize a variety of platforms, such as social media postings, blogs, digital adverts, or graphic designs, to sell the company’s products.

Manufacturing Engineer:

National average salary: $76,648 per year

Primary duties: An engineer with a focus on creating and producing goods made through manufacturing processes is known as a manufacturing engineer. Manufacturing engineers create, test, and manufacture product prototypes for the business where they work to sell to customers. Consumer non-durables include things like cleaning supplies, cosmetics, apparel, footwear, and short-term storage options. To enhance the product’s usability, reliability, and safety, they could continuously revise their designs or prototypes.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing:

National average salary: $24 per hour/ $168 per 7 hours/ $840 per week/ $3,360 per month

Primary duties: In the same way, a firm that manufactures pharmaceuticals has some of the highest paying employment in the consumer non-durables sector. Without a doubt, a guy needs medication to live a proper and respectable life. Animals and humans alike require it, whether they are ill, healthy, or Hale. On this point, one will realize that the creation of drugs is a very important business that man will undoubtedly support occasionally.

Purchasing Manager:

National average salary: $85,494 per year

Primary duties: A buying manager interacts, networks, and bargains with suppliers to secure the products their employer needs. A buying manager, who is also known as a procurement manager, works to find premium suppliers at competitive prices. Contract negotiations, determining quality-to-cost ratios, and scheduling their supervisees are just a few of their specific duties.

Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non Durables
Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non Durables

Quality Assurance Analyst:

National average salary: $63,720 per year

Primary duties: Prior to launch and all along their lifecycle, goods and services are monitored by quality assurance experts to make sure they adhere to business requirements. They conduct quality testing, examine procedures, and look for defects.

Quality Assurance Specialist:

National average salary: $64,251 per year

Primary duties: Before a business sells a product to customers, a quality assurance expert inspects the item. Specialists in quality control ensure that a line of products functions consistently with one another and dependably when used separately. The quality assurance professional must also ensure that the items are safe to use.

Research And Development Analyst:

National average salary: $76,632 per year

Primary duties: An R&D analyst assists a business in creating cutting-edge new goods. Depending on the sector they operate in, their specific job responsibilities might vary, however they may involve completing data analysis, conducting investigations, and evaluating raw or mixed products. Then, research and development analysts might work with other team members to promote new products to business executives.

Restaurant Manager:

National average salary: $67,502 per year

Primary duties: A restaurant manager manages the daily duties and operations of a particular restaurant location. This include setting the staff schedule, managing the restaurant’s whole personnel, and ensuring the front and rear of the establishment are both tidy and secure. Additionally, restaurant managers frequently hire and train new employees such as servers, chefs, and dishwashers. Other responsibilities include monitoring the stock levels of food and kitchen supplies, updating restaurant owners often, and ensuring sure the establishment complies with all food safety laws.

Shoe Designer:

National average salary: $66,501 per year

Primary duties: A skilled shoe designer meticulously develops footwear that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. One style of shoe, such as sneakers, boots, sandals, or orthotic shoes, is the focus of several shoe designers. Both tiny shops and bigger businesses that sell footwear or sporting gear may have openings for shoe designers.

Sales Representative:

National average salary: $57,503 per year

Primary duties: A salesperson offers clients the goods produced by the business where they are employed. Although some may sell to other firms, salespeople in the consumer non-durable goods industry mainly offer products directly to individual customers. Sales agents often handle a sales transaction from beginning to end, including locating and contacting a potential customer, outlining the benefits of the product, negotiating the terms of the contract, and closing the deal. Prospective consumers may also receive product demos from a sales professional for consumer non-durables.

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