15 Best Paying Jobs In Auto Partso.E.M.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designates the manufacturer as the primary creator of the grills, headlamp covers, quarter panels, and part-fenders, etc. These are sold to other businesses who then assemble them into their own final goods. They are identical to the original.

Auto Parts OEM may be a profitable career option, particularly for those who are drawn to the engineering aspect of the industry. Engineering graduates are in high demand for some of the highest-paying positions in this highly sophisticated industry.

Best Paying Jobs In Auto Partso.E.M.
Best Paying Jobs In Auto Partso.E.M.

What Do People Working In Auto Parts Oem Do?

A fulfilling career path may be found in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) industry for auto parts. People who work in the auto industry may produce equipment that is sold by another business or they may produce parts for automobile manufacturers. If you’re interested in learning more about the auto manufacturing industry, the list of high-paying professions below may provide you with some further details on how to get started and what your possible career path may include.

What Is The Best Paying Jobs In Auto Parts O.E.M.?

  • Automotive Engineer.
  • Continuous Improvement Engineer.
  • Factory Manager Jobs.
  • Line Technician Jobs.
  • Machine Operator Jobs.
  • Maintenance Technician Jobs.
  • Manufacturing Associate.
  • Mechanical Engineer.

Is Auto Parts OEM A Good Career Path?

Yes! An excellent career path is in auto parts OEM. There is a lot of job stability in this industry. You may be guaranteed that there will always be a need for that part or the next item your firm produces if you can join a company that manufactures automotive components.

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15 Of The Best Paying Jobs In Auto Parts Oem Industry:

Catalog Content Team Member:

Primary duties: Unlike to many positions in this field, a member of the catalog content team places a greater emphasis on communication and advertising abilities. This position involves promoting the goods your firm produces to the aftermarket rather than working on the production line or, in certain cases, even in the plant itself.

Continuous Improvement Engineer:

National average salary: $74,000 per year

Primary duties: Just like it sounds, the job requires continuous development. People in this job may occasionally be entrusted with enhancing automobiles or specific components of the vehicle. But more often than not, those in this position are selected to ensure that the facility and labor management are managed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Entry-Level Sales:

Primary duties: When you look at the title of this jobs, there are no genuine surprises. Finding businesses that will sell the completed items is the responsibility of everyone who works in entry-level sales for an OEM auto parts firm. Value-added resellers (VAR) are these businesses, and maintaining these B2B connections is part of your job as a salesperson.

Emergency Vehicle Installer:

Primary duties: One of the best-paying jobs in the auto parts O.E.M. is Emergency Vehicle Installer, which requires previous expertise in a fast-paced workplace or writing about cars. Additionally, you must be able to make the best decisions under pressure.

Factory Manager:

National average salary: $95,000 per year

Primary duties: The factory manager’s responsibility is to keep an eye on everything going on and make sure everything operates as smoothly as possible. They could also be in charge of maintaining the safety and happiness of the workforce while meeting targets or quotas.

General Line Technician:

National average salary: $38,000 per year

Primary duties: The products that your OEM auto parts firm manufactures and the tasks determine your responsibilities as a general line technician that you are assigned. You’ll be doing the same thing every day because many of these occupations are assembly-line tasks.

Manufacturing Associate:

National average salary: $32,000 per year

Primary duties: The manufacturing associate gets the tools and supplies ready so that production may start. They are also responsible for maintaining inventories and may be required to assist in various stages of the production process as needed.

Manufacturing Engineer:

National average salary: $76,000 per year

Primary duties: System, machine, and production process design are the purview of manufacturing engineers in the automobile sector. They may be in charge of a vehicle’s whole exhaust system, for example. They could focus on a single phase in the production process, or they might intervene and lay out the entire procedure.

Mechanical Engineer:

National average salary: $79,000 per year

Primary duties: After receiving their degree, mechanical engineers have a number of career options, one of which is working in the auto business. There may be few possibilities for an automotive engineering degree if you are certain that the automotive industry is where you want to work from the beginning of your schooling, but the majority of colleges include mechanical engineering departments.

Machine Operator:

National average salary: $32,000 per year

Primary duties: The maintenance and use of various machinery in the industry is the focus of a machine operator’s many duties. You could be required to operate one equipment nonstop each day. Alternately, you could discover that you are more adaptable and can take on several tasks on a rotating basis.


Primary duties: You must be qualified for coverage under Caliber’s insurance program as well as possess some refinishing experience before you can be hired as a painter. You need to be able to multitask and quickly adjust to a hectic situation.

Parts Warehouse Team:

Primary duties: Every OEM auto factory will have a significant amount of inventory coming into the facility and a sizable amount leaving. The management of raw materials as they enter the production and completed items as they are delivered to retailers is the responsibility of a whole team of personnel.

Premier Oem Assembly Worker:

Primary duties: The duties of a Premier OEM Assembly Worker include assembling and repairing Premier O.E.M. items. No prior experience is often necessary to enter this field, however it is normally recommended. Along with financial responsibility, honesty, and fairness in dealings with others are also required.

UET Maintainer:

Primary duties: UET Maintainers subject the lift system and MAET to daily post-operational inspections. You must adhere to the organization’s normal operating regulations and procedures, help with general student monitoring, and maintain the training facility’s cleanliness.

Warranty Management Application Developer:

Primary duties: Use of Warranty Management Apps are designed, developed, and configured by developers to fit corporate applications and processes. You must have at least five years of experience in this industry to get hired.

Best Paying Jobs In Auto Partso.E.M.
Best Paying Jobs In Auto Partso.E.M.

Certification Requirements For A Career In Auto Parts Oem:

Associates Degree:

The best certifications for this area are certain certificates and associate degrees. You can pursue degrees in engineering technology, automotive management, service technology, performance machining, welding, and other areas of the automotive or engineering disciplines. An associate’s degree in automotive technology is a fantastic place to start.

Bachelor’s Degree:

A bachelor’s degree in engineering may go a long way for those who are more serious about their careers and wish to have a strong educational foundation behind them in the automotive sector.

Master’s Degree:

Engineers almost have the market cornered when it comes to the highest end of the pay scale for auto parts OEM. You’re going to need a master’s degree in order to be the best in your field here.

On-The-Job Training:

There will be a need for some on-the-job training in every part of this industry. It’s important to prioritize productivity, efficiency, and safety as you learn the ins and outs of this profession.

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