How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services?

Do you want to work in the consumer services sector?

It may be an excellent way to engage with clients, address their issues, and make a difference in their lives.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted that there would be around 2.9 million workers overall in the consumer services sector by 2020. Both full-time and part-time employees are included in this.

We’ll talk about the number of jobs in the consumer services sector and give a rundown of available positions. Whether you’re seeking for an entry-level or senior position, there are many alternatives available.

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How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services
How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services

What Are Consumer Services?

Consumer services are businesses that offer their clients a service, such food delivery or guidance. These services include anything from dining establishments and cab services to internet shopping and banking. Consumer services are crucial to the economy since they generate millions of employment globally.

So, how many jobs are available in consumer services? The answer could surprise you!

Numerous work options are offered by consumer services. Numerous positions are available in the sector, including those for waiters and servers at restaurants and customer service agents.

These positions not only offer security and adaptability, but they also frequently present chances for professional advancement. The sector employs a large number of independent contractors, including graphic designers and freelance writers.

Anyone may thrive in the sector with the correct aptitude and commitment.

Types Of Consumer Services:

There are many types of consumer services, but the four main types are:

  • Leisure & Hospitality Services
  • Health & Social Services
  • Retail & Wholesale Services.

When the majority of people hear the phrase “consumer services,” they may consider banking, cable TV, or internet service. Although there are many more, these are just a few instances of customer services. A customer service can be defined in a variety of ways. In essence, it refers to everything that is offered to customers for a cost.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services – Know It Here:

Here are many jobs available in customer services are given below:

Bank Teller:

Do you want to assist consumers and work with people? Then working as a bank teller might be ideal for you!

In a bank or credit union, a bank teller is in charge of handling transactions and providing customer care.

You may deal with clients to create new accounts, handle deposits and withdrawals, cash checks, give account details, and respond to inquiries. Additionally, you must be able to spot possible fraud and, if necessary, direct them to the proper employees.

Typically holding a high school graduation, bank tellers may also have taken business or banking-related courses. You may become a bank teller even if you lack experience since many banks provide new tellers on-the-job training.

Additionally, the average annual wage for a teller in the United States is $37,878.00.

A profitable and interesting job path is being a bank teller. Start looking for jobs right away if you believe this is the right position for you to discover what interesting chances are there.

Financial Services Industry:

The financial services sector is a fantastic alternative if you enjoy math calculations and assisting others with their finances.

Banks, credit unions, investment firms, stockbrokers, and insurance providers are all part of this sector. You can choose the best match for you from the various alternatives offered.

The management of people’s finances and investments falls under the purview of the financial services sector. You might need to be certified to work in this profession depending on the role. If you decide to work in the financial services sector, you will assist clients with managing their finances, handling investments, providing guidance, and carrying out transactions.

The average yearly wage in the financial services sector in the USA is thought to be $85,000,000.

There are lots of positions available in the financial services industry, regardless of the profession you choose. For individuals interested in a career in banking and finance, this sector offers a variety of options, from aiding consumers to managing their accounts.

Transportation Jobs:

Do you enjoy being active? Driving and operating vehicles, such as automobiles, buses, trucks, and airplanes, is a part of many transportation-related employment. Jobs in transportation could be right for you if you’re looking for a profession that allows you to travel.

Consumer services depend on transportation, and this industry offers a variety of occupations. There are several opportunities, including those for taxi and bus drivers.

You’ll need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to get started if you want to operate huge vehicles like buses, trucks, or trains. When you have completed the necessary training and testing for a CDL, you may start applying for employment.

Transportation-related jobs typically pay an annual salary of roughly $70,000.

Hospitality Jobs:

In the hospitality sector, there are several positions available, including those for wait staff, food service employees, and hotel management. About 11 million individuals are thought to be employed in the hospitality sector.

What a large number of positions!

People from many walks of life may find employment in the hospitality sector, which also offers great opportunities for professional advancement.

Hotel managers are in charge of running a hotel’s daily operations, which include welcoming visitors, controlling spending, and making sure patrons are satisfied. Employees in the food service industry make meals, offer beverages, and maintain restaurants tidy and well-run. All of these jobs come with great pay and benefits, as well as employment stability.

Working in the hospitality sector may be enjoyable and fulfilling. Every day you get to interact with new individuals and pick up new abilities. It’s a fantastic chance to travel and experience various cultures while learning how to interact with clients and coworkers.

The average annual wage for those working in the hospitality sector in the United States is $35,100, or $16.88 per hour.

Finding a position in consumer services that matches your lifestyle and professional objectives is simple because there are so many of them available.

Healthcare Jobs:

Healthcare offers a variety of work opportunities in the consumer services sector.

Jobs in the healthcare industry are crucial to the community because they keep people safe and healthy. The healthcare industry offers a wide range of careers, including those for physicians, nurses, medical technicians, and medical assistants.

If you’re interested in this sector, learn more about the qualifications needed for each position. These positions need specific training and certification. Many healthcare facilities also offer volunteer opportunities or internships that might help you get expertise in this area.

Given the abundance of opportunities in consumer services, healthcare is a fantastic alternative. You may pursue a fulfilling career in healthcare if you have the necessary training and experience.

You’ll be able to make a difference in other people’s lives by using your expertise to aid those in need. Aside from having strong job security, healthcare careers can also be in high demand.

Currently, the annual salary of US healthcare employees is $53,764.00, or $24.85.

Find the ideal match if you’re looking for a job in the healthcare industry by researching your alternatives.

Education Services:

Are you looking for for a position in the consumer services sector where you will be interacting with children? Then you ought to research educational services! There are several prospects in this industry.

But how many positions are genuinely open?

The answer is a lot, actually!

There are many different kinds of employment opportunities in education services. You could decide to work as a teacher, tutor, or mentor, for instance. Additionally, you may work as a school principal, librarian, or counselor.

As you assist in forming young brains, these vocations provide excellent incentives and job satisfaction. You may also work with people of all ages and backgrounds, depending on the position.

An education services employee’s annual salary is on average $68,727.94. You might begin establishing your career in this industry right away if you have the necessary knowledge and expertise.

Guest Service Agent:

A guest service representative, often found in hotels or car rental companies, assists guests with check-in, helps them locate their rooms or vehicles, and responds to any queries they may have. Since this is an entry-level employment, not much training is necessary.

Online Chat Support:

Online chat assistance may be used to address queries, plan events and appointments, verify orders, and more. You utilize a computer in this position to respond to a variety of queries. Your particular employment could require some training, but you are not required to complete any training in order to get employed.

Account Manager:

An account manager maintains a watch on everyone working on an account to ensure that everyone is contributing to the success of the project. To clarify what needs to happen and the timeline, they must be able to communicate with their teams.

Personal Concierge:

A personal concierge may begin their career in this role or may decide to pursue a career in the hotel industry. Celebrities, the exceedingly rich, or families that are too busy to perform many of their daily responsibilities frequently hire personal concierges. They may perform errands and arrange upkeep for buildings, cars, planes, and any other assets that require attention.

Flight Attendant:

Yes, there is training for flight attendants, but it usually takes three to six weeks before you are qualified to fly. However, the longer you keep this employment, the more probable it is that you will advance to the level of Senior Flight Attendant. Entry-level flight attendants are still learning the ropes and accumulating experience in this role.

Host/ Hostess:

A host or hostess is often seen at a restaurant, although you can also encounter them elsewhere. More and more establishments are realizing the benefits of having hosts to welcome customers and give them a warm welcome at the start of their encounter. This entry-level role is ideal for people who enjoy collaborating with others.

Call Center Customer Representative:

This job has changed throughout the years, and you might be able to work from home and on your own schedule. Although it’s regarded as an entry-level employment, certain businesses may demand training in their goods and operations so that you know how to answer inquiries precisely.

Technical Support Engineer:

The majority of technical support engineers has a bachelor’s degree or higher in computer sciences, robotics, or a related discipline. They must be knowledgeable with many different pieces of hardware and software in addition to the specialized ins and outs of the applications they support.

Chief Customer Officer:

Even though this is a relatively new job and not many companies have one, the Chief Customer Officer role serves as a reminder of how important the customer is. Along with the CEO, COO, and CFO, this position is at the top of a company’s organizational structure.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services
How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services

How Much Do Consumer Services Professionals Earn?

The average annually salary for a professional in consumer services in the United States is $36,920. Depending on experience, education, and region, salaries can range from $26,880 to $79,610 annually. The average hourly salary for consumer services professionals in the highest ranks is $19, while the average hourly salary for those in the lowest jobs is $14.

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Advantages And Considerations:

There are many advantages to working in consumer services, and this is frequently a good career choice for those who value collaboration and problem-solving. Before starting your job, keep in mind the following key benefits and market factors:


Here are some primary benefits of a career in consumer services:

Additional Earning Potential:

The ability to earn performance incentives or commissions is present in many sales-based positions in the consumer services industry. These provide more earning possibilities and can be extremely motivating incentives for those with goals.

Transferrable Skills:

People who work in consumer services develop communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills that are very useful in a wide range of situations. These skills may also be useful for overcoming obstacles in other professions.

Personal Interaction:

Because it includes frequent direct engagement with many individuals, this might be a great career for those who like engaging and developing relationships with others. Giving consumers individualized care, assisting them in resolving problems, or saving them money may also be satisfying.


Here are some aspects of this field you can consider to determine whether a career in consumer services suits your unique interests, education, skills, and experiences:

Fast-Paced Environment:

Customer-facing positions are frequently hectic and physically demanding. People who prefer multitasking and find hectic workdays stimulating may find this to be an ideal career.

May Involve Irregular Scheduling:

People in consumer services frequently put in odd hours, including evenings and weekends, because clients may need assistance at any time of the day. This may be advantageous for individuals with flexible or changeable schedules, but it might not be suitable for those who need a tight schedule.

Requires Patience:

As they could aim their frustration or confusion at the customer service representative, clients who are frustrated or confused might be difficult to assist. Additionally, it’s critical to keep a cheerful outlook when assisting clients, regardless of their actions.

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